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Music and bands.  Bands and music.  Bands, music.    That’s why we’re here.  Do you need love bands and music?  Of course you do.  Everyone does.

I suppose I should start from the beginning.  Back in 2000,  I was living and playing in a small town in north Queensland.  Everyone knew everyone, and everyone knew exactly what to do and who to talk to because the scene was so small.  Eventually I moved to Brisbane and started a new band, and was instantly overwhelmed.  The band floundered and died, and what was a really great collection of music went to waste.  It didn’t need to happen – we didn’t know anything about anything down here, and we didn’t know who to ask.  We were so busy trying to run the band and find out that stuff that it suffered musically and then failed altogether.

2003 rolls around, and we’ve been through it all now.  Know the bands, know the scene, know the lay of the land.  An idea forms for a way to get this information out of my head and into people’s hands; what would later become the Punk Alliance web site was born.  The Punk Alliance brought together hundreds of bands from around the country, and really gave people in bands a way to give back to the music scene that supported them.  Unfortunately, we focused on the ‘bands’ part and not the ‘people’ part.  Bands come and go, they form and break up.  Without a strong userbase to maintain the site, traffic and volunteers waned and eventually in 2009 it was decommissioned, it’s database handed over to a similar organisation (with a similar name), the Australian Punk Alliance.

Since then, loss4words music has focused its energy on reconnecting with its roots – working with a small handful of groups to really improve their experience and take the question marks out of running a band.  To this end, we can provide web hosting, advice, programming, design skills, social media co-ordinators, publicity agents, photographers, recording engineers, sound techs, and pretty much anything else you need.   Once, we coloured a guy’s mohawk with house paint before a show because he couldn’t find any hair dye at that time of night.   We get stuff done.

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